An elegant, yet homely oasis of charm, TIFFIN restaurant evokes a by-gone era of cross-cultural familiar dishes whilst adding a contemporary twist to flavours and presentation from our award-winning chefs. Our menu spans the diaspora of Asian cultures and the absorption of Chinese cuisine throughout Southeast Asia.

The restaurant’s name is reminiscent of the tiffin boxes used in many forms throughout Asia from the stacked metal containers to the bento boxes made of wood, they were commonly used to bring delicious, cooked meals from home to eat at work or school. Popularly known as mangkok tingkat in Bahasa Malaysia, or pua chan in Chinese (otherwise called ‘iron rice bowls’), each layer serves to hold either rice, soup, vegetables, meat or fish. As with the Chinese interpretation of iron rice bowl, TIFFIN elicits the long-lasting, stable and irreplaceable association with our shared cultural legacy. TIFFIN Authentic Oriental Cuisine is pure nostalgia, layering familiar and contemporary flavours that remind us of the tastes from our childhood, however the ingredients and meticulous preparation brings a modern artistry to the table.

The first Tiffin restaurant opened in mid-2023 in Empire Hotel and has become a favorite dining spot for many Malaysian Chinese and business executives in Wan Chai. The second Tiffin restaurant, named Tiffin Kopi House, just opened in March 2024. It not only provides the taste of authentic Malaysian Nyonya cuisine, but also carries the mission of presenting Malay comfort food to Hong Kong diners.

Whether it is the elegant Tiffin restaurant in Wanchai or the vibrant Tiffin coffee house in Mongkok, they will take diners on a wonderful culinary journey.